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Which Cables are you using? We love Lava cables and we’ve got them all in stock! Come by and upgrade that tone!

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Spaceman Pedals

I have no words to describe these pedals, and If you’re looking at this post, you probably know about them already :p All really unique variations of a fuzz pedal with different tricks

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Ugly Amps!

Made right here in Ephrata Pa, Steve and Lou have agreed to partner up and make these available through Roxy!

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More Pedals than you can imagine

Seriously though, it’s pedal heaven in here. There’s way too much to list but to mention some: JHS, Earthquaker, Blackout Effectors, Zvex, MXR, Pigtronix, Spaceman, Red Witch, Electro Harmonix, Mooer, Tortuga, Walrus Audio, Vox, Empress, Cusack Music, Moog, Providence, Jacques, … Continue reading

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The new Earthquaker “Organizer” pedal!

Quite a unique and innovative take on an effect for guitar. Earthquaker is one of those companies on the cutting edge of pedal design. We stock’em in store 🙂 Contact us by email or call to see what’s in stock

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